Measuring instruments repairs

HES s.r.o. is able to repair measuring instruments manufactured by leading producers such as Agilent (Hewlett Packard), Chauvin Arnoux, GMC-Instruments (Gossen Metrawatt), Grundig, LEM-Norma, Metrel, Metrix and others. Our priority is thorough care of your measuring instruments and our goal is your satisfaction! ISO 9001 certificate guarantees the quality of our work.

Also the repairs we are able to perform are a great advantage for requiring calibration in HES, s.r.o. accredited calibration laboratory. If the measuring instrument is found faulty or out of tolerance during calibration, it may be repaired in the HES, s.r.o. service and repair centre with customer’s agreement. Once the measuring instrument’s repair is done, HES, s.r.o. Accredited calibration laboratory no. 2273 redoes the calibration while the customer pays only one calibration! Thus, you avoid delay and additional cost arising in case of using a calibration laboratory that uses suppliers for repair.

After repairs, our technicians set the measuring instruments to factory technical specifications. Contact us for your measuring instrument service possibilities.