Measuring Instruments Calibrations

Professional calibration of measuring instruments and your satisfaction are our primary goals of Accredited calibration laboratory no. 2273, HES, s.r.o.. Therefore, our calibration laboratory accredited by CIA (Czech Institute for Accreditation) is in charge of a calibration service centre by the decision of Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing. CIA (Czech Institute for Accreditation) is internationally recognised as the independent organisation for accrediting the integrity and competence of personnel, quality systems and measurement parameters. The team of our specially trained technicians performs measuring instruments calibration in our calibration laboratory. We also offer on site accredited calibration and additional services to make metrology management easier for you.

Also the repairs we are able to perform are a great advantage for requiring calibration in HES, s.r.o. accredited calibration laboratory. If the measuring instrument is found faulty or out of tolerance during calibration, it may be repaired in the HES, s.r.o. service and repair centre with customer’s agreement. Once the measuring instrument’s repair is done, HES, s.r.o. Accredited calibration laboratory no. 2273 redoes the calibration while the customer pays only one calibration! Thus, you avoid delay and additional cost arising in case of using a calibration laboratory that uses suppliers for repair.

Along with measuring equipment accredited calibrations in the permanent calibration laboratory, we also offer accredited calibration on customer’s site. This on site accredited calibration option saves time allowing you have the measuring device ready for usage as soon as possible. Upon agreement, you can have an express calibration of your measuring instruments within 48 hours. If you order calibration of a larger number of instruments, upon request we arrange picking and delivery of the instruments at your premises.